The American Newsletters is dedicated to positive news about the cities across the United States.

We strongly believe in the adage, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

We strive to do things better than we did them yesterday. We believe this is the definition of healthy competition and we help competitive businesses inform people about their achievements and activities.

This helps create a strong community and referral network that all people and businesses can benefit from, even businesses in similar industries.

We strongly believe in the adage, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Once a community becomes known for quality or good work in an area or field, everyone benefits.

In tandem, we also believe in the statement, “Just add water.”

“Just add water” means that everyone can add value to create a rising tide.

People create companies, people hire, people can do great work, people can strive to do things better than yesterday. Everyone’s contribution adds value.

Our publication style:

Be positive and educate without politics or embellishment

We strive to publish good news that speaks for itself. We set a goal to not become caught up in hype, politics, current public opinion, cynicism, or interpretation. For that reason, we focus on the following areas:


  • Business Expansion: new jobs and construction
  • New Companies: HQ relocations, launches and new offices
  • Investments and IPOs: new funding and capabilities
  • Awards: national, regional, state and community
  • Milestones: celebrating company longevity
  • Charity: contributions to the local community
  • Who’s Who: new CEOs, promotions, student achievements

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